Home-based Prompt Therapy with a Certified Prompt Therapist

Home-Based Prompt Therapy

Home-based Prompt Therapy is most effective for children and most convenient for families. Parents are supported and involved in the process of helping their children learn to speak, from contributing their opinions to the Prompt Evaluation to choosing meaningful short-term and long-term goals for Prompt Therapy.

Prompt Therapy in Westchester

As one of the few Certified Prompt Therapists in the area, I provide Prompt Therapy in homes throughout Westchester. I will come at the best time for your child and accommodate your busy schedule. Both Prompt Evaluations and Prompt Therapy are conducted in your home.

What is PROMPT Therapy?

Prompt Therapy is an evidence-based technique for developing the motor skills needed for speech. The philosophy of Prompt Therapy is guided by your child's emotional, social and language needs. As a Certified Prompt Therapist, I use a highly-structured approach that encompasses auditory, visual and tactile modalities in a dynamic way.

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