Prompt Therapy is an Approach
Prompt Therapy is a Philosophy

Prompt Therapists have a unique way of understanding communication and figuring out where it is breaking down for each child. Prompt Therapists consider all areas of the child: his cognitive abilities, pragmatic/social skills, overall behavior, sensory-motor profile, and physical strengths and weaknesses. The focus of Prompt Therapy is on using  the child's strengths to help him achieve his fullest potential while providing support for his weaknesses.

Prompt  Therapists use an approach that draws upon auditory (what is heard), visual (what is seen) and tactile (what is felt) input. A Prompt Evaluation considers the child's overall motor skills as well as her oral motor skills. The child's ability to sequence movements (which is a critical skill for speech) is observed and described carefully. Prompt Therapists consider the effect of these domains on your child's speech and language development.

Prompt Therapy is based on research on neuromotor principles as well as kinesthetic, auditory and visual information. A Prompt Therapist supports and stablizes the child's body. A Certified Prompt Therapists uses four types of Prompts (Parameter, Syllable, Complex, and Surface) on your child's jaw, lips, face and tongue. to promote "independent, flexible, finely controlled and interactive movement between structures" ("Introduction to Technique," Prompt Institute).

Prompt Therapists have an organized system for creating a detailed plan for treatment to address your child's speech delay or disorder. A certified Prompt Therapist knows how to prioritize the areas of communication, such as social interactions or school routines, that are most meaningful to your child. The driving goal of Prompt Therapy is for your child to achieve "functional, interactive, verbal communication" ("Introduction to Technique," Prompt Institute).

Prompt Therapy is a
Prompt Therapy is a

PROMPT Therapy stands for "Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets."

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