I strive to understand your child's strengths and weaknesses in all areas, including physical, motor-sensory processing, cognition, and social interactions. All of these factors influence how your child processes information, organizes himself, understands language and executes motor movements. Learning to speak is a dynamic process that is unique to every child. 



As a Prompt Therapist, I am responsible for providing the support that your child needs. I encourage them and give helpful feedback about when they are understood. I provide input using speaking, visual aids and touch with my fingers on their lips, jaw, and face. As part of the Prompt Evaluation, I make a list of the emotional, cognitive and social support strategies that I will use to make your child feel safe and successful. 



The Prompt Evaluation is only the first of many evaluations I make of your child as his speech and language skills improve. I chose target words based on what your child needs to say at home, in school, and in the community. Lastly, I evaluate your child's physical, mental and social-emotional resources and consider what goals are most important to them and to your family.

The Understand-Support-Evaluate Model guides a caring, child-centered approach to Prompt Therapy.

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