"I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer at an elementary school for several years.  She is a kind, incredibly talented, and bright speech pathologist. Children and adults love working with her! She is extremely knowledgeable and makes each session educational and fun. Jennifer is always learning and finding new ways to help people.  I loved learning from her and it was a pleasure to work with her and watch the children blossom under her teaching."

"We have been very pleased with Jennifer as our Prompt Speech Therapist. We had been looking for a highly qualified Prompt Therapist and Jennifer has one of the higher levels in Prompt training. Our son has low muscle tone so he needs more input to be able to know where the sounds come from and Prompt Therapy has been great for him. His speech is really coming in. Jennifer really looks at the individual child and makes it work for this particular child. She is very playful during her sessions with our son which makes it more motivating for him as well. We would highly recommend her!"

"I felt so hopeless when Jennifer began to work with my son. I feared that he would never speak. Jennifer worked so hard to help him and never gave up on him. Eventually he did speak and I will always be grateful to Jennifer for helping him get his words out and keeping me sane throughout the process. Thank you!"

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