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What does it mean to be "Prompt Certified"?


Becoming a Certified Prompt Therapist is an intensive and lengthy process. The Prompt Institute, a non-profit organization, conducts and oversees certification to ensure mastery of the technique by all Prompt Certified clinicians. Only speech-language pathologists can earn Prompt Certification.


  • Introduction to Prompt Technique: Clinicians who have completed this 3-day workshop understand the basics of the technique, including the system of touch cues on the articulators used to help children produce specific sounds. They have also learned the fundamentals of the Prompt Evaluation.


  • Prompt Bridging Workshop: Clinicians who have completed this second 3-day workshop after gaining some practical experience using Prompt Therapy are more skilled at understanding how and when to use it. These clinicians can develop treatment plans encompassing speech-motor, cognitive-linguistic, and social-emotional goals.


  • Prompt Certified: Prompt Certified clinicians have demonstrated mastery of the Prompt Technique. Certification is a lengthy and intensive process that involves written examinations and video demonstrations of their use of Prompt with a child over several months.

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